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At Brascia Builders, our approach to construction goes beyond just building structures; we are mindful and intentional in every aspect of our work. When developing our work plans, we carefully consider the technical requirements of the project, the impact on our clients' productivity in the immediate and adjacent areas, and have backup plans in place for unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


Our commitment to mindfulness and intentionality sets us apart, ensuring that every project we undertake is not only well-executed but also considers the broader implications on our clients and their surroundings. With Brascia Builders, you can trust that your construction needs will be met with precision, care, and a proactive mindset that anticipates challenges and prepares for success.


Transparency &
Feasibility &
Early Engagement &
Future Proofing &
Risk Management
  • We conduct comprehensive feasibility studies during the preconstruction process to ensure that our clients reach an attainable goal. Although many contractors do not practice this step, we believe it is the most crucial part of the construction process. We ensure that the initial budget reflects a realistic picture to prevent unanticipated costs that could arise from unforeseen site complications. 

  • How we benefit our clients through early engagement and collaboration:

    • Challenging designs

    • Proposing cost-efficient alternatives

    • Integrating cost proposals

    • Providing better procurement routes

    Transparency and collaboration have been a highlight of our reputation for over 15 years!

  • We take an active effort to future proof our projects to manage risks responsibly. We future proof our projects by considering factors like lead times and escalating costs upfront to deliver real-time and accurate estimates. 

  • We deliver transparency and clarification in every step of the construction process. We understand the complexities of the construction process and offer services like itemized cost breakdowns by scope and funding areas to simplify reporting and audit processes.


Design Bid Build

Traditional approach where we meticulously plan and design before inviting competitive bids, ensuring cost-effectiveness and quality execution.

Design Build

Integrated approach where design and construction are unified under one roof, fostering collaboration and delivering efficient, creative solutions.


Partnering with you from start to finish, we manage risks and challenges transparently, ensuring seamless project evolution and maximizing value.

Ground Up

From bare land to magnificent structures, we bring dreams to life with precision and passion.

Infrastructure &

We build the backbone of tomorrow's developments with communities in mind.

Tenant Improvement

Transforming spaces into thriving environments, we can give a fresh look to any area.


We bring new life into the old by giving spaces a retouch to preserve legacies and add flair.

Historic Restoration

We restore heritage sites to preserve cultural treasures for generations to come.


We execute with precision, safety, and environmental responsibility in every demolition.


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