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Eric Vary

Safety Officer

Eric is a seasoned safety director with over two decades of experience. At Brascia, he’s the go-to person for ensuring everyone’s safety on the job. His approach is simple: educate the team, take action to prevent accidents, and always stay aware of new risks. He conducts training sessions, checks the site for dangers, and ensures everything meets safety standards. Under Eric’s watch, Brascia has maintained an EMR of .81 for the past five years.

Brascia self-performs infection control in healthcare construction, and Eric oversees this work. He ensures the equipment is in top condition and meets regulatory standards. His in-depth understanding of ICRA levels 1-5 ensures that every requirement is met when setting up a project.

When COVID-19 first emerged, there was ambiguity around infection control and preventive practices. Despite the changing mandates and sometimes impractical degrees of implementation, Eric kept a level head. He navigated through that uncertain period and quickly established new safety rules, getting everyone on board.

His knack for spotting risks enables him to create solid safety plans tailored to each project. Thanks to Eric, the Brascia team can work with peace of mind, knowing they’ll return home safe every day.

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